Audio Services

At Sound Content, we offer many different audio services. From full service music production, to VoiceOver for podcast ads and everything in between, we’ve got your audio needs covered. We wear all the hats, and we wear them well.

What Can We Do For You?

Music Production

Have a demo that is begging to be brought to life? We can fully produce your song, make it sound awesome, and get that baby ready to be released out into the world. We treasure your art, and want to work with you to bring your vision to life.

Custom Music

Need something specific for your project? We can make custom music, with soundscapes and lyrics tailored to your project.

Mixing & Mastering

If you’ve got a finished song that just needs that extra polish, we can mix and master it to make it broadcast quality and release ready.


We love doing VoiceOver! Whether it’s for an ad, an audiobook, or instructional, we can deliver the goods. We take pride in delivering pristine audio, so you’ll never have to worry about hearing bothersome pops and clicks.

Why Sound Content?

From Demo to Release-Ready. Working with Us on Music Production

The songwriting process is a thing of beauty. It takes so much vulnerability and courage share your most private thoughts and feelings with the world. Not only that, but it takes a great deal of time and practice to build your craft as a songwriter. So once you’ve got a song that’s completed, and you’re really proud of it, finding the right producer who can realize your vision can be scary. It’s a financial investment, and therefore, you want to find the right producer. You don’t just need someone that’s skilled, you need a good communicator, someone who understands the sound you’re going for, and someone who can truly elevate your work. Also, someone that’s pleasant to work with is a plus.

We understand all these things because, well, we’ve been there! As artists ourselves, we have a lot of experience decoding language around production (i.e. “can you make this sound like it’s underwater? Can you make this sound like a tornado?”…etc). We also like to think of ourselves as good listeners and communicators. Above all, we know how much you treasure your song, and we take that seriously. We strive to see that look of excitement on our clients’ face when we deliver a production that is better than they even knew it could be.