About Sound Content

Hey there! Nice to meet you. We are Sound Content; a two person audio/video production team, and a couple of lovebirds! We met in 2010, and have been partners in life and in work ever since.

We are passionate about creating unique, engaging video and audio content that expresses the vision of each individual client.

Our Mission

At Sound Content, we strive to help artists and businesses succeed, by providing high-quality video and audio content that can be used as a key part of their marketing strategy.

How We Got Started

Sound Content was created by musician, producer, and audio engineer Lucas Fackler.  With over a decade of experience recording session musicians in various studios around LA, Lucas ventured into the world of video production while working with Umbrella Media, a music studio in Chatsworth, CA. As the studio had an increasing demand for video, Lucas accepted the challenge and quickly learned the ins and outs of lighting and editing, gaining hands-on experience behind the camera as he was filming

interviews with well-known composers, songwriters, and musicians. Some of his first interviews were with Richard Sherman (Creator of such classics as “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, and “It’s a Small World”), Paul Williams (president of ASCAP and writer of the beloved song sung by everyone’s favorite green muppet: “Rainbow Connection”), and legendary film composer John Williams. In 2018, Lucas launched Sound Content to pursue his passion further and continue storytelling with video and audio.

Meet the Team

Lucas Fackler


Lucas has acute attention to detail and a strong DIY attitude, coupled with a love for music. Lucas brings an outstanding work ethic to each and every project before him.  Following more than a decade of experience working in studios around Los Angeles and 20 years of producing video content, the natural progression led him to start an audio/video production company.

Hannah Ferber

Video Editor/Voice Talent

A proud Berklee College of Music alumna, Hannah is not only an editor, but she is also a composer and singer/songwriter. As an editor, Hannah has worked with print music publisher Hal Leonard and numerous independent businesses and artists to create engaging edits. Her musical sense of timing and artistry translates seamlessly to the screen.