Over the years we have made all kinds of music from quirky instrumentals, to pop, rock, and on and on. We are so proud of all our releases and we’d like to share them with you. Below you’ll find the albums and singles we’ve created, both self-released, and released through publishers. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we’ve enjoyed creating!


Formed in an intimate studio in the heart of North Hollywood, Idylmind is an indie electro pop group with a sound that takes you feel like you are lost in a dream. Singer and songwriter Hannah Ferber writes catchy and heartfelt lyrics with delicate vocals atop electronic and acoustic soundscapes crafted by guitarist, producer, and engineer Lucas Fackler.

The Won’t

The members of The Won’t have been passionately crafting music for 2 decades. The quartet takes all of their experiences and influences, creating a familiar punk rock sound, matured with age. You’ll hear a tight rhythm section with grungy tones featuring a polished lead vocal, often layered with cascading backing vocals from all members of the group. Reminiscent of Bad Religion and rocking out like Nirvana. 

Lucas Fackler

Guitarist, producer, and engineer, Lucas Fackler creates gritty guitar driven songs, from rowdy and whiskey soaked, to vulnerable songs about heartache. Plus, making a complete 180, Lucas recently released an entire album of relaxing meditation music to help you center yourself and find peace within.

Library: Megatrax & MPath

Below you’ll find library albums ranging from cinematic and dark, to organic and folky, to cheerful and quirky! Available to license through Megatrax and MPath, these tracks have been featured in TV and ads all over the world.

Library/Artist Crossover: A-List Records & Clearwave Music/BMG Production Music

Over the last few years, production music has been expanding to include real artist releases. Below you’ll find songs from our artist projects (Idylmind, Jona, Hannah & The Engineers, and The Won’) which we released through A-List Records and Clearwave Music/BMG Production Music. Styles range from modern pop to alt-pop to punk rock.